The earliest orange from Turkey, Navelina harvest can start as early as last week of October. During the first 2-3 weeks Navelina requires intensive degreening and therefore color is more yellow than orange. Despite its earliness Navelina season can be stretched long into January when it has a bright orange color and delicious juicy taste. Available mostly in 71-90mm.

Recommended period for export is week 45-week 2.


Washington Navel:

The Washington is the backbone of the Turkish orange season. Harvest starts around week 46 with a season that can stretch until week 9 if the climate conditions are favorable. As Egyptian navels do not fully penetrate the market until week 1, Turkish Washington is the variety of choice in almost all orange buying markets especially Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Middle East. Available mostly in 71-90mm.

Recommended period for export is week 46 to week 9.


Lane Late:

Late Navel variety available from February until as late as end of April. When given time to mature until beginning of March, Lane Late takes an exceptional color and boasts a super delicious taste. Because of these qualities Lane Late is priced much higher and demanded more in the Domestic market than the export markets where more affordable Egyptian Navels and Valencias are available in plenty. However markets like Asia or Iran which value high quality in the late season are perfect destinations for this late navel variety. Available mostly in 75-105mm.

Recommended period for export is week 9 to week 14.