Black Figs



Our Black Figs are special! We planted 10 thousand Bursa fig trees in Adana and the outcome is a black fig season that starts in the beginning of July when there are no other large sized, long shelf life black figs anywhere in the world. There are no other Bursa fig orchards in Adana aside from ours! Therefore Ozler Adana Black Figs are completely alone in the markets for at least 3 weeks and we enjoy a difference of at least 4 weeks until Bursa figs come out. This is a high priced niche product as our total production varies between 120 and 200 tons per season. When Adana figs are finished we continue shipments with Bursa figs.

Ozler Adana Black Figs are available from week 28; we finish with Bursa figs by week 40.